What is a debt consolidation loan?

Debt consolidation is the process of consolidating many minor and large debts/loans into a single debt. This allows you to consolidate your multiple EMIs into one and save money.

Handling many payments is a difficult task. When we have too many payments to make, it takes up the majority of our earnings. There are even situations when you miss a payment deadline due to a mix-up. And debt consolidation is a solution to all of these issues.

Making only minimum payments on your account will lead to a financial catastrophe since minimum payments collect interest, and you will end up spending more in the long term. When you have many loans or believe a large portion of your income is going toward servicing loans, it’s time to think about debt consolidation.

Benefits of debt consolidation Improve Credit Rating:

If a person can make regular payments on their loans, their credit score will progressively improve. Furthermore, because debt consolidation loans reduce the EMI burden, making regular payments is even more convenient and inexpensive, which improves the credit rating. It’s also a good idea to verify your credit score before applying for a debt consolidation loan. This is recommended because a debt consolidation loan can only be obtained with a high CIBIL score.

Reduce your total EMI:

By combining your debt, you can reduce the number of EMIs you have and make them more reasonable for a longer period of time. This allows you to manage your debt more effectively while also allowing you to save more money so that you may focus on investing.

Reduce the rate of interest:

Those with various high-interest rate debts, whether credit cards, vehicle loan, or personal loans, can consolidate them into a single loan to lower their interest rates. Personal loans are commonly utilized as debt consolidation loans with low-interest rates. As a result, you should never pass up an opportunity to lower interest rates on existing loans.

Things to Think About Before Getting a Debt Consolidation Loan:

Make a list of all of your existing loans.
Look for debts that are nearing the conclusion of their repayment period and exclude them.
Examine any debts with pre-closure costs.
Look for a debt consolidation loan from a lender.
Compare debt consolidation loans and lenders and choose the best one.
Calculate the difference between the entire prior EMI and the new EMI using math.
Only do this if you can save a significant quantity of money.
How can you apply for a Debt Consolidation Loan?

You can get a debt consolidation loan from any bank or non-bank financial institution. However, in order to take advantage of it, you must first verify your existing debt and then assess your credit risk by monitoring your CIBIL score. Banks will be hesitant to lend if the borrower has a poor credit rating and a history of late payments because they are unwilling to accept the risk. Banks will only approve a debt consolidation loan if you can make regular payments on your previous loans.

Steps Include;

Examine your credit report.
Make a list of your debts and EMIs.
Examine your loan choices.
Fill out an application for a new loan.
With the money from the new loan, you can pay off the old one.
Take the prior lenders’ NOC certificate.
Begin making payments on the new debt.
Debt consolidation loans are readily available and might help you alleviate financial stress. However, before you apply, you must perform certain calculations and determine the amount of money you will save. Also, keep in mind that having a strong CIBIL score and making on-time payments are the keys to getting loans approved at reduced interest rates.

What is Green Investing

SRI also known as social investment are investments in a business that are considered socially responsible. This does not have to be solely environmentally based and can include any socially conscious investing.

ESG are criteria that are used when investors with a socially responsible moral compass wish to assess the social responsibility of a potential investment. The environmental criteria assess a company’s environmental impact, the social criteria assess a company’s relationships with their employees, customers, suppliers and local communities and the governance criteria assess the company’s leadership, rights of shareholders, executives’ pay audits and internal controls. Together these criteria give investors tools to evaluate investment opportunities that look past traditional methods.
Green Investing is a category of SRI that focuses on companies and projects that are committed to the preservation of natural recourses, reduced pollution and other environmentally conscious practices.

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Socially Responsible investing SRI
SRI occurs when individuals, banks, superannuation, and other types of funds invest in companies that are socially responsible in their actions. However, SRI is hard to define as it is forever changing with the norms and values of society. There are three main areas when we talk about how socially responsible a company or investment decision is, including, environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG).

ESG is a term used a lot when socially conscious investors want to evaluate whether they invest in a company. Measuring these criteria and giving a score gives people the ability to factor social responsibility in their investment decisions. E stands for environment and is where we analyse the environmental footprint of a company. For example, initiatives in areas such as energy saving and the reduction of pollution. S stands for social and is where we examine working conditions of employees, clients and suppliers. The G stands for governance and is where we assess the structure of the company to see if its transparent and independent, how corporate officers are appointed and remunerated, and if there is respect for shareholders.

Green Investment
Green investment looks at the environmental side of ESG and is a large part of SRI. Green investments are made in companies that encourage, promote, or provide environmentally friendly products and practices. Anything to do with the natural environment or climate change comes under the “Green Investment” banner.
When we talk about “Green Investing” there is a term known as “shades of green” which demonstrates the spectrum of how green an investment opportunity is. Five main themes define what shade of green an investment opportunity may be. These include ESG integration, Portfolio screening, Corporate advocacy, sustainability-themed and finally impact investing.

For example, you could invest in a fund that factors in the ESG criteria in their decision-making but doesn’t go much further than that. This would be considered light green as they are only doing the bare minimum when investing ethically. If the fund you have invested started to exclude companies with low scores this would make the shade of green darker as they are “screening” the portfolio. Exclusive portfolio screening and ESG integration are on the lower end of the spectrum because while these investment decisions are doing less harm, they are not going to result in social issues being solved. Now imagine if the fund you have invested in owns 5% of XYZ and they, as a major shareholder, decide to attend a board meeting to convey that they would like XYZ to be more ethical in their business practices. This is what corporate advocacy means as the fund is influencing corporate behaviour through direct engagement. Within Ethical/Green finance we could consider this to be in the middle of the spectrum as now we are starting to see some changes being made to business practices. As we enter the “darker shades of green” we start to see inclusive portfolio screening. This means that the fund you have invested in will start including companies in the portfolio with high ESG scores, rather than just leaving out the ones with low scores. As we move into the darker shades of green ethical funds can be solely invested in companies that are sustainable regarding social issues like climate change, and moving one step further they can be invested in companies whose sole purpose is to solve issues that our world faces. This is the “darkest shade” you can achieve on the spectrum and is known as impact investing.

Five Ways A Business Development Consulting Firm Can Help Your Business

For a small business owner, it may be challenging to get his or her company off the ground. Therefore, it may be necessary to enlist the services of a business development consulting firm. A consulting firm can help a new company figure out ways to expand and thrive in the marketplace. Here are five specific ways that a consulting firm can help your business thrive.

1) Target Your Customers Effectively

Do you know who your customers are? If you do know who your customers are, do you know how to reach them? A good consulting firm will show you what your customers need to hear before making a purchasing decision. From there, your business can devise a marketing plan that will convince customers that they need what your company has to offer.

2) Build An Online Presence

The Internet is an amazing marketing tool when used correctly. With proper guidance, your company can build a solid online presence that can be leveraged to increase sales and increase visibility for your products or services.

3) Develop Your Brand

A good brand can sell products all by itself. Therefore, it is important that your company has a strong brand that customers can identify with. If your company wants to be known for great customer service, offering 24 hour service to handle returns could be something that your business could offer. Another good idea would be to have a call center that is open around the clock to address customer complaints and concerns.

4) Learn How To Interact With Other Businesses

Other businesses in your area may want to promote their products in your store. In exchange, these businesses may be willing to promote your products in their store. For example, your lawn mower supply company may want to partner with a hardware store or a landscaping business to create a dynamic marketing initiative. Your lawn mowers could be promoted in the hardware store while your company helps to promote your local landscaping company.

5) Understand Where Opportunities For Growth Are

There are always opportunities for your company to grow. Whether it is expanding into other markets, targeting new customers or creating new products, sales should never stay stagnant. A consulting firm will be able to point out these opportunities to you well before you have thought of them. This will enable you to be the first company in your industry to enter a new market or to create a new product that customers desperately need. Typically, the company that is first to offer a product or service is the company that is associated with that product or service even after competitors offer something similar. This makes it easier to maintain a larger portion of the market share.

When used correctly, a consulting firm can be your best friend. You will have someone who you can turn to when you need advice or at a loss for ideas. The best part is that most consulting firms are staffed by people who have experience in the business world. This experience can be used to give your company a leg up on the competition.

The Benefits of Hiring a Tech Consultant

Most companies these days cannot function without the aid of computers and technology, and no business whether it is big or small is going to expand if they are continually having problems with their IT. When computers fail or stop operating to full capacity, this can have a negative effect on the smooth running of the business.

Good Tech Support is Crucial

When your business is experiencing difficulties with its IT, then you will need to correct the problem fast, and this can only be done with good IT support. Larger companies may very well have their own IT department, one that can provide instant IT support when things go wrong. However, smaller businesses may not be able to afford such a luxury, and they will have to seek alternative methods in which to solve their IT problems.

Outsourcing Your IT Problems

For smaller companies, having an on site IT expert is not always affordable, that is why more and more small businesses are now using independent IT tech consultants when things go wrong with their computers and software. These tech consultants can be called in to troubleshoot IT problems and they will only charge the company for the services the rendered rather than being on the company payroll full-time.

Finding the Right Tech Consultant

Before you decide on which company or individual you wish to hire for you IT problems, you should make sure that they are able to respond to your call as soon as possible. Computer problems, be it with software or hardware, can occur at any time of the day or night, and your tech consultant is going to have to be ready to respond to your call whenever it happens.

One step that you should take before you enter into an agreement with a company or individual, who offers tech support, is to make sure you do some background checks. Ask them questions about their previous work, and ask to see proof of any testimonials that they have received from previously satisfied customers. That way, you will be able to see if they have the experience and the know-how to successfully handle any IT problems that your business may experience.

Hopefully, this article has provided you with the information that you need to make a secure judgment on hiring a tech consultant to handle all of your IT problems. So long as you do some background checks, you should have no problems finding a suitable tech consultant in your area.

Does Your Company Need A Computer Consultant?

When running a business, the last thing you need is problems with your computers; however, more and more companies are suffering from malfunctioning hardware and software. This has the effect of slowing down business and this can affect the company’s profits. That is why; the bigger companies always have a dedicated team of computer support experts on hand for when things go wrong. This is not something that most small to medium sized businesses can always afford, and that is why they have to look for a cheaper solution, and that solution is to employ the services of an independent consultant.

Varying Levels of Service

The first thing you will notice when you begin your search for a computer consultant, is that the level of service they provide will dramatically alter from one to the next. Some of them will only be able to offer you a service that is limited to just one specific area of IT, yet others will offer you a fully comprehensive arrangement that covers everything. Most pc consultants tend to concentrate on one specific area of computing, however, the ones who have a wide and varied knowledge are the ones who are most sought after, as well as the ones who are likely to charge more for their services. You will need to find the right balance between cost and expertise when the time comes for you to hire one.

What Should You Expect?

Hiring a computer consultant who has a vast array of knowledge in most areas of computing may be more expensive, however, that does not mean that you are necessarily going to have to pay lots of money. There are plenty of computer consultants out there who will try and charge excessive fees for their services, however, there are also plenty of reasonably priced ones too. So before you rush out and hire the first computer consultant you find, you need to look around and see what some of the others have to offer.

Most computer consultants will be specialized in both hardware or software problems, and it is the ones who can deal with both who are the most sought after. It may be a good idea to hire a specific computer consultant, depending on whether you are having a problem with your hardware of software. One thing you should do before you hire a computer consultant is to make sure that they provide you with references and examples of their previous work.

Tips on Choosing a Logistics Business Development Consulting Professional

No matter what kind of company you own, you might be interested in logistics business development consulting if you want to increase your profitability. Even if you know exactly how this type of consultant can benefit you, it might be hard to choose the right one. Find out how to get started narrowing down the many options you will have when hiring this type of professional.

You should first take a look at the experience local consultants have before you hire anyone. You do not want to be the first company someone is working with, unless of course it means you are getting a great deal when it comes to the price. But if you want great results, you should go with an experienced consultant. More specifically, make sure the person you hire is experienced working with your type of company in your industry. He or she should be able to tell you which businesses he or she has helped in the past.

In fact, many logistics business development consulting professionals have references you can talk to. This means you can contact company owners who have benefited from their services. This will allow you to find out what you can expect when you hire the professional in question. If the person you are considering hiring does not have references you can contact, you can at least see if there are any reviews online. Reviews can give you an idea of how pleased past customers have been with the work.

You should be able to meet with the logistics business development consulting professional before you make an official decision. This may be called a consultation, and it should be free or inexpensive. During the meeting, you can discuss your needs for your company, and then the consultant can let you know what he or she has in mind. This is a good time to ask any questions you have so you feel confident that you are hiring the best person for the job. During the consultation, you can also get to know the price and timeframe you can expect from the process, as well as the results you might be able to look forward to.

You should talk to at least a few consultants before making a decision. You do not have to meet with them all in-person, but you should at least call them to find out some details about what they do and what their experience is. Then schedule a meeting with one or more people who meet your qualifications.

What Can Logistics Business Development Consulting Do for Your Company?

If you want to increase the growth of your company, you should look into logistics business development consulting. This type of service exists to help companies of all kinds grow and prosper. If you are ready to learn ways to make more money and generally achieve success in your industry, you should learn what a consultant of this kind can do for you.

These days, one of the most important aspects of improving your company is ensuring you are using the right technology. There are lots of applications available to businesses of all kinds, and you might not be using the ones that can really benefit you. If you are using outdated software or are not aware of the programs that could help your staff, hiring a professional in logistics business development consulting might help. This type of consultant can introduce you to new technology you did not even know existed, and he or she can then show you how to use it to your advantage.

In fact, consultants are often able to train entire teams to use new software. You likely lack the time to train your staff members yourself, and you might not even know how to begin if you are not sure how to use the new software. This is why you need a consultant to take some time to show your staff all the new features. You can arrange a day or even a week for your employees, or at least the management team, to meet with the consultant you have hired so they can learn how to use the new technology.

If you are already using all the programs available to you, yet your company has not grown to your satisfaction, you might still benefit from logistics business development consulting. This is because consultants in this field can show you how to make the most of your current client base, and then add to it, as well. This means you will be taught new techniques regarding sales and marketing, in addition to customer service, so you can keep your current clients happy. Your whole team could likely stand to learn this information if you really want to grow.

You need to hire a professional who specializes in logistics business development consulting if you want these benefits. Make sure you find out what exactly he or she can do for businesses like yours. Then set out on the task of hiring the right person to lead the growth of your company.

Small Business Consulting Marketing: Achieve Great Heights For Your Business

If you’re a serious business owner and you want to reach your goals as soon as possible, then you need to have the ability to come up with a variety of excellent strategies so that you can propel yourself ahead of your competitors. One of the most pristine strategies that will help you achieve this is small business consulting marketing. Pairing up with a good business process consultancy firm will allow you to get the ease that you need.

Small business consulting marketing or business process consulting is a integral or vital part of making a business work and attaining huge success for it. Why? Because, going for this type of approach will allow you to learn both the positive and negative aspects of your business through developing a good understanding that you need to be aware of about its real nature. In addition, this business approach will help you develop an instinct, which is very essential in steering a business towards the right direction all the time. In this way, you can leave out rooms for errors and failures.

On the other hand, using business process consulting will also help you with the task cost-cutting by enabling you to streamline your expenses in a way that will leave you with no or minimal expenses. Aside from this, you can also get automation where you absolutely need it so that you can tailor things so that they’ll run more efficiently than they normally do. All of the things that I’ve said really sound good and positive but you’ll only be able to get these if you solicit services from a good company who will provide you the things that you need, when you need them.

When you visit different companies, have a good look at the services that they offer as well as the methodologies that they use. Examine these pretty well and try to list them down so that you can compare each one of them and determine the best ones for your small business are. Once you get a good company to work with you, you can then learn the different techniques that they use. One of the most essential would be data analysis, which is vital in helping you achieve your goals despite the presence of numerous obstacles such as the current economic crisis.

Delve into the methodologies of business process consulting so that you can learn what you really need to do and be able to put it into practice. Part of these would be data system analysis, which makes use of statistical methods as well as measurements of the performance of the general performance of your business. This will help you speculate the different areas of your business. Through which, you’ll be able to identify problem areas, which you can then eliminate through proper remedies. Eliminating errors and flaws will help you increase your success rates. Keep in mind that if you want sure success, you need to take sure aim at your goals by using tools that are really effective.

Consulting When In a Career Transition

How many people have you met who are in a career transition and have a business card that says, “Consultant?” Now, how many do you know who are actually doing consulting? Probably not many. It’s something you should seriously consider doing…really. One reason is a simple one: cash flow. But there are other very practical reasons to do so.

If you are (or have been) in transition you know how deflating this can be. You have all this great experience and all of a sudden, no one cares. Well, that’s not true. What is true, however, is that many of the recommendations job seekers get is dated. At the top of the list is the quest for the “information interview.” You know; it’s the one where you’re simply networking and not actually wanting the person you are meeting to offer you a job… Right. Well, that was the way it was done in the 90′s. I’m not saying that you shouldn’t meet people and network. Actually, you should be doing that all the time. One of the most common things I hear from executives in transition is a lament that they did not build an effective network of contacts when they were gainfully employed. You should never be too busy to network. It’s career management 101.

There is a better alternative to the information interview. You’re going to have to reach out to a lot of people to get a just few of these meetings. Usually, they’re a courtesy meeting…something that is arranged for you by a friend who knows the person you want to meet. So while you’re reaching out to these people, why not offer them something they might actually want such as short-term assistance that leverages all of the great experience you have? You know the drill. There is little money in the budget to hire a FTE, but there can almost always be funds for someone to help out for a while. Now you become a problem-solver when you call and not a personal solution seeker.

Examine your background carefully and identify five things that you know you personally do exceedingly well. Call them towering strengths. Keep in mind, these are things YOU do, not the people who used to work for you do. Now, narrow that list to the top three. Those are the skills you will leverage as a consultant. That’s a lot different from simply wanting some part-time work that may or may not be right down your alley. With these three high-powered executive skills you have the making of a good consulting practice. The next step is to identify the places where you would like to do work in those areas, locate the hiring managers at each of them, and then reach out to them as a short-term problem solver. That way you’re not another displaced executive in the job hunt.

I’ve given this advice many times in the past, and I have taken my own advice on more than one occasion. In just about every case, working as a highly skilled executive consultant has led to a job offer. Your goal should be to get and keep three to five clients rather than being delighted with serving one client 24/7. This is what any good consultant would do and your clients expect you to have more than one client, and they will be impressed that you do. When that inevitable job offer appears, you then have a choice to make. By that time you will either really like the freedom associated with being your own boss, or it will be a chore and you will be delighted to get a regular job again. Either way you win. The time you will have spent as an extra pair of highly skilled executive hands will only make you better at what you do. While doing it you will have decent if not excellent cash flow. One other thing you will have that’s very important is a bounce in your step resulting from high self-esteem. It’s just human nature for people to want to make a substantive contribution. This is a good way to have all of these things.

Pace Up Your Business Growth With SEO Consulting Services

In the present world, there are so many companies coming into existence every year and trying to compete with the existing ones. These companies promote their businesses through various promotional channels or by giving advertisements on television or radio. But the best way to get good ranking in the major search engines comes through the help of SEO consulting services.

SEO is the solution to all those companies that are trying their best to achieve good ranking in the leading search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, MSN, etc. In a survey, it has been found that most people like to search before purchasing any of the product. Many buyers trust the search engine results rather than the advertisements appearing on television or radio.

It will be good for your business, if your company website comes on the top ranking of the search engine result pages. Coming on first page of the major search engines will be an added advantage as more people will take interest what you are offering. Today most of the people are completely depend on internet. So, it is the best idea to make your site visible on the main search engines.

One good thing of showing your website on the internet is that people would like to see your products and services that you are offering. They will also came to know that the site they are referring is not fake. In this regard, the SEO consulting services are the ones that will help you to achieve the target.

These consulting services allow the website to carve out its place by using the popular keywords. So that your website gets high ranking in the major search engines. One can find a wide range of SEO consulting services on the internet. What you need only to select one that perfectly matches with your business need and budget.

Before making any final decision, you need to do a thorough research about them. Assess their services to conclude whether they match with your website needs or not. The only aim of these services is to enhance the ranking of the website in the major search engines’ result pages.

Many business owners prefer to do marketing and advertising jobs by themselves, but those who do not have enough knowledge of the business can take the help of the SEO consulting services. The best SEO consulting services will surely help in achieving business targets.